Most of the time, advertising = a lot of work and not that much input. It wasn’t like this when I started working. In London most of the projects we got briefed on happened, weeks or months later depending on how big a project it was. Not sure if the US is different, or if I was just very lucky back then but ever since moving here about 4 years ago it’s been a lot harder. Good ideas, as many. Working with great people, not a problem. But for some reason clients are more afraid here. More campaigns die along the way. You never really know if a project happens until it’s live, out there online or on TV. 2013 was probably the hardest ever since I started working. But I decided to keep at it! Push even harder… And eventually there was some light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to share a couple of campaigns coming out of my depressing 2013, making 2014 feel a lot more optimistic…

The first Campaign is a long-term platform that Carl and me ‘invented’ and developed with a bigger team at W+K. It was quite a journey to get this ‘off the ground’ (excuse the pun). I think the idea is pretty self-explanatory. We worked with Patrick Clair, the super talented animation director behind the True Detective intro, to develop an introductory film for the Innovation Class initiative.

On people can apply to sit next to industry leaders, share a flight with them but more importantly share ideas and experiences… For each Innovation Class flight we tag along to document the meeting.

Delta Innovation Class - WebsiteThe second big-ish thing that I’ve been busy with is a project for Southern Comfort. Andrew and me worked on this and ended up shooting a TV spot in Budapest, we shoot stills as well and some shorter pieces of video content for the world wide Internet web. It’s all centered on our ‘hero’ Stephen who is a bartender who mixes drinks his own way.

Have a look at the TV spot.

And this website with a bunch of the other bits from the campaign.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 2.01.30 PM




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