Most of the time, advertising = a lot of work and not that much input. It wasn’t like this when I started working. In London most of the projects we got briefed on happened, weeks or months later depending on how big a project it was. Not sure if the US is different, or if I was just very lucky back then but ever since moving here about 4 years ago it’s been a lot harder. Good ideas, as many. Working with great people, not a problem. But for some reason clients are more afraid here. More campaigns die along the way. You never really know if a project happens until it’s live, out there online or on TV. 2013 was probably the hardest ever since I started working. But I decided to keep at it! Push even harder… And eventually there was some light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to share a couple of campaigns coming out of my depressing 2013, making 2014 feel a lot more optimistic…

The first Campaign is a long-term platform that Carl and me ‘invented’ and developed with a bigger team at W+K. It was quite a journey to get this ‘off the ground’ (excuse the pun). I think the idea is pretty self-explanatory. We worked with Patrick Clair, the super talented animation director behind the True Detective intro, to develop an introductory film for the Innovation Class initiative.

On people can apply to sit next to industry leaders, share a flight with them but more importantly share ideas and experiences… For each Innovation Class flight we tag along to document the meeting.

Delta Innovation Class - WebsiteThe second big-ish thing that I’ve been busy with is a project for Southern Comfort. Andrew and me worked on this and ended up shooting a TV spot in Budapest, we shoot stills as well and some shorter pieces of video content for the world wide Internet web. It’s all centered on our ‘hero’ Stephen who is a bartender who mixes drinks his own way.

Have a look at the TV spot.

And this website with a bunch of the other bits from the campaign.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 2.01.30 PM


I’ve been putting this aside for a while, to focus on other things. But where did that get me… Ok I’ve managed to do a few things over the last 12 months; got married, moved home, a renovation, a new job. Here are some of the moments that happened in-between. And the idea is to now pick this up again, start posting more frequently.

Obama visited Sweden.

Went on this guys (LP) bachelor party in Montauk.

Caught a big fish.

Liza dressed up.

For LP and Jackies wedding

I ate a lot of this.

Went home to Sweden for Mormor Gullans funeral.

Had some Swedish (delicious) pizza.

Jesper and Siri visited!

I remembered this video. Found it on youtube. And then remembered that bad brown sweater.

I saw this on the internet, and I laughed.

I worked a lot with Carl.


I shot some guns.

Went to Miami

And to London

And to Sweden again, for dinner with these two (and the rest of the family).

Tried to write these two into a TV spot. (failed)

Designed many wedding invites, this is one of them. None of them approved by Liza, who designed her own in the end.

Went to the Hampton’s in Feb, apparently so did Alec.

Flew to Vancouver…

and Salt Lake city…

for Delta Innovation Class (one of the projects me and Carl worked on together)

Move out of this place. Bye bye 41 North Moore!

Hello 250 W 15th Street!

Hello mom! She came to visit :)

Then I went to Budapest, for more work.

With this guy (Andrew, to the right, the guy in the middle is our actor Mathieu, but also known as Stephen)

Malin came to visit!!

More trips, not sure when this was, maybe it was flying out to the surprise bachelor party arranged for me. Or maybe this is the only picture from that weekend that is ok to post online…

Got a new kitchen in our apartment, looks great, thanks Liza!

Didn’t get a new TV.

Had to wear a tux at Anomaly (Anomaly is the new job)

Then we prepped for the wedding…

and then we went on honey moon. Italy wooo hoooo!

…that’s pretty much my summer summed up.
Let’s start in Sweden, Kalle and Katarina got married at Millesgarden in Stockholm. So we went there over the weekend.

June-Aug 2013

June-Aug 2013
We Swedish food as always.

June-Aug 2013
It was my birthday on the day of the wedding, got these bad boys from Liza!!!

June-Aug 2013
The beautiful bride!

June-Aug 2013
I was wearing a tux for the very first time, ridiculous or good looking hard to tell…

June-Aug 2013
We went back to America for 4th of July…

June-Aug 2013
…and we took the bus out to Greenport and stayed there at a great little hotel right by the water for a few nights.

June-Aug 2013
We had this view every morning.

June-Aug 2013
They had drinks there too.

June-Aug 2013
Then we went back to the city to prepare a little something special for Liza. During all the weddings we’ve been to recently, I’ve managed to do some research on the whole thing and it doesn’t sound too bad, so here goes…

June-Aug 2013
Liza, will you marry me. SHE SAID YES!

June-Aug 2013
Then we partied (that’s not actually the same night, just a dinner a couple of weeks later that derailed).

June-Aug 2013
Wictor came to visit, stayed with us for a week so more dinners and more parties.

June-Aug 2013
We drove to Fire Island.

June-Aug 2013
We had beers with Beckett. And invented the genius ‘beer pocket’.

June-Aug 2013
We had Swedish pancakes (several times).

June-Aug 2013
We’ve biked a lot! (only after drinking a couple of times, promise!)

June-Aug 2013
And last but not least we had a crayfish party, don’t remember too much from that though…

That’s it for this summer, almost feels a little sad that it’s over soon.

Town of Jaffa, only 4.000 years old.







Day vs. Night. Old vs. New.



My kind of menu…





The Laserows

western wall











Look at this guy, I got to be in one of the pictures as well…


Tel Aviv was a great place to visit, not just because of the sun, the beach and the pool. It’s really more of a city vacation than a beach one, food is really good and we found some great restaurants, the favorites are Mizlala, Ha’Traklin, and Two Brothers. We also did a few day trips; we saw Jerusalem and went to the dead sea, even though it’s a pretty touristy place it was quite amazing when you got in the water and floated like a buoy. We also went to a real Jewish wedding, stamping on glasses, dancing with chairs in the air and all… and I even got to eat some real bacon at Delicatessen.


We drove up to Catskills this weekend. To a tiny town called Phoenicia about 2 and a half hours drive from New York. We stayed at The Graham & CO, a small family owned hotel that had just opened end of last year. We arrived late on the Friday night just in time for bonfire night and wine in the garden.

Catskill Bonfire Night

Catskill Bonfire Night


Horse riding in the Catskills
We went horse back riding too. Fun & scary. After the 2 hour ride up a mountain, through the woods, and across a river the friendly instructor told us that he was ‘legally blind’, good thing he didn’t tell us beforehand…

Horse riding in the Catskills

Horse riding in the Catskills


Phoenicia Diner

Phoenicia Diner

Phonecia Diner 3

Phoenicia Diner

Biografen from Oscar Properties on Vimeo.

Beginning of this year I was given the opportunity write and direct a short film for Swedish property development company Oscar Properties. Short versions of the ‘silent film’ have been running on a huge digital bilboard in Stockholm. This 60sec version is being used online.

It was a fun project to work on, I flew to a super cold and snowy Stockholm in January. We had a one day shoot with a small budget, but great little team. Sanna Reiley awesome make/hair! Jessica Mittelton amazing wardrobe! Elina Aho great work on the set design! Erik Nordlund beautiful cinematography! and Simon Hernadi kick ass producer! Then edit and post production, all that same week with the help from Odd-Post in Stockholm.

I also shoot some stills during the shoot:





Mr Easer Bunny

Say hello to undercover chicken, dressing up as the Easter Bunny. I bought a chicken. Put it out to dry. Spray painted it pink and dressed it with bunny ears. Not sure if it looks funny or just really grose.

Common Projects White-Border

Been playing around with some new photography lights that I got a while back. Profoto D1 500 Air. So i made my new summer sneakers the first little project. I wanted it super clean an white, the shoes almost blending in with the background, but still keeping some of the shadows. The lights were pretty easy to figure out, setting up a studio between the closet and the ironing board in our apartment was more of a challenge…




This weekend I went to Iceland for Wictors bachelor party. The weekend included friends bonding, beer drinking, shark eating, axe throwing, throwing up (not me), whale meet, swimming in geysers, great food and some great night clubs. It was all pretty damn great, and exhausting. Here are a few instagram pics, the Blue Lagoon, the view when quad-biking and Patrik and his axe. More to come…

Tulum 2012-2013

Tulum 2012-2013

Tulum 2012-2013

Tulum 2012-2013

Tulum 2012-2013

A lot of people are asking about Tulum. What to do, Where to stay and what to eat… So here is my list.
1. Try not to do too much. Relaxing with your feet in the air and enjoy the sun. The beach is amazing so why leave it and vacation is meant to get a little slow (boring) towards the end.
2. Eat at Hemingway, amazing seafood and pasta (ignore everyone who recommends posada margherita and go here instead).
3. Eat at Buenos Aires in town, best meat ever.
4. Eat at Casa Bananas, more great argentinian steak.
5. Drink Mescal!
6. We went snorkeling, in the ocean with sea turtles and in caves filled with bats.
7. Have lunch at Casa Violeta (this also seems like a nice place to stay, maybe next time).
8. Get up really early and run on the beach. Run south and when you are past all the hotels, if lucky you will see yoga stretching nudists…
9. Hartwood is ok for drinks but skip the food maybe walk over to Casa Jaguar a little later.
10. Fly back to New York, that feeling of concrete between your toes. Can’t beat it!

ICP Photography Studio Lighting Class

Last week I took a studio lighting course at ICP (I got it as a birthday present from Liza 6 months ago). It was kind of weird being in school again but fun too. I’ve never really had a chance to hands on play around with studio lights before so a lot of technicalities to learn, but once I understood how everything works it was pretty straightforward. Here’s one of the photos I took the last day.

Christmas in Skåne

Christmas in Skåne

Christmas in Skåne

Christmas in Skåne

Christmas in Skåne

Christmas in Skåne

Christmas in Skåne

Christmas in Skåne

Christmas in Skåne

Christmas in Skåne

I went back to Sweden during the holiday break. First stop Stockholm for family, friends, relaxing and some good nights out, cinnamon shots, YUM! For Christmas I travelled down to Lizas family in Skane (south of Sweden) for a few days of putting on weight. We had a traditional Swedish Christmas eve celebration, with Kalle Anka on TV and a great jul bord full of food.

Liza - Tulum, Mexico

Got back from the holiday break yesterday. Went to Sweden then Tulum, got a bunch of photos, here is one of Liza in Tulum, but more to come.

Aquavit NY

Aquavit NY

Aquavit NY

Aquavit NY

Aquavit NY

Aquavit NY

Aquavit NY

Aquavit NY

Aquavit NY

Aquavit NY

Aquavit NY

Aquavit NY

This weekend Liza worked with Aquavit head chef Marcus Jernmark to style their Christmas table with antiques. It looked beautiful, and very tasty. Especially the green Princess Cake, yuuuuuum!

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving with or friends on 41 N Moore. Sandra, Rasmus, Janenlle, Magnus, Melanie, Noel, Pyret, Gustav, Liv, Fegge, Ewa, Mathieu, Sara and Me and Liza shared a giant turkey (we named him Dan). There was also mac n cheese, creamed spinach, corn, mash, green beans and gravy. AND cheese cake, pumpkin pie, apple pie and ice-cream… two days later and I’m still full.

Sandy - Broadway, Friday 2nd November 2012
Broadway on Friday afternoon, the power was still off at this point and the streets were completely desolate in Soho.
Check out these amazing images from the storm and the aftermath and you’ll get an idea how bad it really was. And you can still donate to the Red Cross. Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to American @RedCross Disaster Relief.

Blackout NYC 2012

YES!!! The electricity is back on lower Manhattan. Woke up this morning by the lamp next to the bed lighting up and then the heat slowly coming back in our apartment. The last few days have been tough (for other people close to the coast way more than us obviously) we have been camping out in Midtown for a couple of nights and been going to Williamsburg a lot to charge phones and work. Our neighborhood has been absolutely pitch black in the evenings; it’s been surreal, so happy everything is slowly getting back to normal…


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